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damianyouellI offer a highly efficient friendly yet professional mortgage broker service for clients in and around the Caredigion area. Clients use me for simple mortgages such as a straight forward purchase or for much more complex cases such as multiple buy to let remortgages and onward purchases. I have helped many clients who have been more than happy with the service I offer.

Area Covered

We are well known for our services around Ceredigion. These areas include New Quay, Aberystwyth, Talybont, cwmystwyth, Lanybydder, Newcastle Emlyn, and Aberteifi and Lampeter.

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Efficient Easy to Understand Process…

Step 1 Initial Chat
mortgage broker phoneThe first step in the mortgage advice process is for us to have a brief initial chat. You can ring us on free phone 0800 612 3367. We can then have a few minutes chat to work out whether what you are trying to do is possible. At this stage only a brief outline of what you are trying to do is covered. If you are at work and cannot make a call the you can contact me via email to have a discussion about what you are trying to achieve. At this stage it may be that what you are trying to do is not possible for example if you have no deposit or not enough income. However in most cases I can help and then I will arrange a convenient time to call you to go through things in more detail.
Step 2 Fact Find
fact findOnce we have determined that I can help you then I need to find out hard and soft facts about you so I can begin to formulate solutions. Areas I need will cover basic details like full names and addresses, date of birth, employment status and income. Other areas will include your credit commitments and outgoings. Lastly we will talk about the mortgages you want what deposit you have, what your budget is, what type of interest rate you would prefer. We will also look at what protection solutions you have in place and how whether or not these will be suitable for your new mortgage. We will discuss time scales and when you are looking to move with the solution and then agree a time when I will email the figures to you.
Step 3 Detailed Figures
mortgage figuresThe detailed mortgage figures will enable you to know two things. Firstly that what you are looking to achieve is definitely doable. Secondly you can look at the figures and work out whether the payments are affordable and thus the idea feasible. Included in the top of the email is a summary of what we discussed and a brief overview of the deposit, loan etc. The middle section details the mortgage figures such as the interest rate, term, monthly payment, fees and charges etc. This information is also attached in the form of a key fact illustration. The bottom of the email lists all the items that would be required in order to proceed with the application such as, payslips, passports, bank statements so you can prepare these for our home visit.
Step 4 Paperwork
application paperworkThe final step is for me to pop out to see you to scan any of the required documents that the lenders requires. Typically payslips, bank statements, passports, address ID will be required. Other information such as the address of the property you are buying, name of the estate agents you are buying through, name of a solicitor you want to use etc will need to be gathered. Once this is complete then I will fill in the application form on your behalf and deal with the lender throughout the whole process until the mortgage has completed.

Types of Mortgages Offered …

  • first time buyer mortgagesFirst Time Buyers I offer expert advice and house buying guidance for those first time buyers looking to get on the housing ladder. The mortgage process can seem confusing for first time buyers and having someone to explain the complex jargon in easy to understand language can simplify the process. Many first time buyers only have small deposits and therefore shopping around to get the best deal from the whole mortgage market is important. As well as the mortgage itself helping first time buyers take advantage of the various protection policies that are available and helping them choose the right solution for their own situation is important. Ensuring that the lender offered to the first time buyer is the right one and that the applicant fits all the lenders criteria is taken care of by myself.

  • buy to let mortgagesBuy to Let Mortgages Many clients that I see these days either already have buy to lets or are quite keen to get their own first time buy to let mortgages. The high street doesn’t really offer much choice when it comes to buy to let mortgages. Many of the high street lenders have their own specialist lender for buy to lets such as The Mortgage Works or Birmingham Midshires. These lenders are often only available through intermediaries such as mortgage brokers. Many of the buy to let lenders have criteria that is hard for clients to match and thus comparing lots of lenders and knowing each lenders criteria is sometimes the only way a client can get a mortgage agreed.

  • remortgage reasonsRemortgages Many clients I see often just want to remortgage to get a better interest rate. Others want to move the mortgage from interest only to a capital and interest repayment mortgage. Others want to release equity from their homes to do home improvements, give family a deposit, raise funds to buy another property, divorce settlements and a host of other reasons. Again comparing the whole mortgage market’s rates and lending criteria helps my clients get the right mortgage for their unique circumstances.

Mortgage Broker Ceredigion

Ceredigion is situated in the Wales region of the UK. Ceredigion town lies on the tidal reach of the River Teifi at the top where Ceredigion meets Pembrokeshire. It has a population of approximately 1,500 people. Ceredigion is an ancient settlement dating back to the Bronze Age. In 1894 the railway was built linking this settlement to the rest of Wales. This brought new opportunities for the local economy and led to the growth of the village. Today, Ceredigion remains a thriving community, despite being located within Pembroke county council. Ceredigion is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful scenery and historic buildings. There are also some great beaches nearby including Newgale beach which is a sandy beach with views across the bay towards the famous castle of Cardigan.

The area surrounding Ceredigion is very rural and there are many open fields dotted throughout the area.  The village is surrounded by farms and farmland, making it an ideal location for those who enjoy country life. The village is also close to the A40 road which runs between Carmarthen and Cardiff. This makes it easily accessible for commuters wishing to travel into Cardiff city centre. Apart from this, the city is filled with new and old construction properties with the expected demand for property rising in future. As financial advisers, we are ready to help the new property buyers at Ceredigion to help them to climb onto the property ladder. We at Ltd gives first-time buyers an opportunity to connect face to face with financial advisers and market brokers and provide them with the best property and mortgage deal. We provide our services free of charge to all prospective customers. Our service is completely independent and unbiased. We work closely with all major banks and building societies to ensure you receive the best possible deal. You will not be charged any fees for using our service. Our team consists of experienced mortgage advisors, estate agents and surveyors who are ready to assist you with your enquiry. We pride ourselves on providing honest advice and helping our clients achieve their dreams. If you are looking for a mortgage broker in Ceredigion then please contact us today.

Financial Advisors in Ceredigion

Many clients we have seen often just need a simple remortgage to get the best interest rate. Others want a remortgage to move the mortgage from an interest-only to a capital repayment one. Others want to release some equity from their homes to put down a deposit or pay off debts. Again comparing the whole market’s rates and lending conditions helps our clients get the best mortgage for their unique circumstances. Our Financial Advisers could find out your current situation such as; how much you currently owe, what sort of house you own, whether you’re buying or selling, and what your plans are. Then our financial advisers will compare that with what’s available on the market to give you the best mortgage solution for your needs. Our Mortgage Advisers can advise you on:

• What type of mortgage would suit your needs?

• How much you should borrow?

• What sort of term you should take?

• Whether you should use a fixed or variable rate?

• Which lender would offer you the best terms?

• And more!

We have specialist experts for a mortgage in probation period, supply teacher mortgages, sole trader mortgages and many more. We’ll make sure you get a mortgage that suits your needs and budget. Feel free to contact us