Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates are defined as the amount of interest that an individual will be charged on a loan against the property. These rates vary based on different factors like deposit amount, mortgage term, fixed-term deal, or variable rate. In our guide below we will discuss the various process of offset mortgages and variability of interest rates from the perspective of different banks and building societies in the UK.

Comprehensive Guide to Buying a House From a Housing Association

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Individuals who rent council houses or are tenants of housing associations may qualify for the Right to Buy scheme. This scheme may facilitate [...]

Impact of School Fees on Mortgage Affordability | A Comprehensive Guide

By |2024-05-06T11:15:33+00:00May 1, 2024|Financial Advice, Income Types, Mortgage Rates, Mortgages|

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), the average private school fees in the UK were approximately £15,200 for the [...]

Tracker Mortgage No ERC: Your Key to Flexible Home Ownership

By |2024-05-21T13:05:36+00:00April 8, 2024|Knowledge Mortgages, Mortgage Process, Mortgage Rates, Mortgages|

For many homeowners, the flexibility of paying off their mortgage early without facing any penalties is a major selling point of tracker mortgages [...]

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Mortgage Lenders Who Accept Late Payments (UK)

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Over the years, we have received many enquiries from people asking for mortgage lenders who accept late payments. While most mortgage lenders have [...]

Secure a BTL Mortgage with 20% Deposit | Expert Insights

By |2024-03-26T14:26:36+00:00March 26, 2024|Buy to Let Mortgages, Investment BTL Mortgages, Knowledge Mortgages, Mortgage Rates, Mortgages|

Have you ever dreamt of building a property portfolio and becoming a successful landlord? While the traditional path to property investment often involves [...]

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