Can You Get a Mortgage on Benefits? – What You Need to Know

By |2023-11-01T14:57:21+00:00November 1, 2023|Knowledge Mortgages, Mortgages for Different Occupations / Income Types|

Homeownership is within reach, even if you're on benefits. With a growing number of lenders in the UK offering mortgages to people on [...]

Declined a Mortgage? Don’t Panic! Here’s What to Do Next

By |2023-09-25T13:05:46+00:00September 24, 2023|Credit Problem Mortgages, Knowledge Mortgages, Loan to Values / Deposits, Mortgages for Different Occupations / Income Types, Non Standard Residency Mortgages, Remortgages, Self Employed Mortgages|

Did you know that nearly one in five mortgage applications in the UK gets declined? If you've recently faced a mortgage rejection, you're [...]

What is LTV mortgage? | Everything you need to know

By |2023-05-08T15:06:24+00:00May 8, 2023|Knowledge Mortgages, Loan to Values / Deposits, Mortgages|

You may have heard of the term loan to value in mortgages or heard lenders quote loan to value figures in mortgage deals. It can be an important factor has it can have an effect on the cost of your mortgage and how much you can borrow. A lower loan to value ratio is optimal. It can be referred to ‘LTV’ in its short form.

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