• Family Income Benefit Policy Insurance

    My Guide To Family Income Benefit Policies Family Income Benefit Introduction Why Choose Family Income Benefit Insurance? Guaranteed Income – If a family would suffer from the loss of a breadwinners income due to death or critical illness, then it […]

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  • Income Protection Insurance Guide

    My Complete Guide to Income Protection Insurance Income Protection Insurance Terminology Income Protection Insurance Definition Various terms are used when describing income protection policies. For those that are looking to buy income protection these terms can become confusing. In some […]

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  • Shareholder Protection Insurance Guide

    My Complete Guide to Shareholder Protection Insurance Introduction to Shareholder Protection In this article we will be explaining the details and benefits of shareholder protection, including such items as why you need it, how it works and how much it […]

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  • Relevant Life Policy Insurance Guide

    My Complete Guide to Relevant Life Policies Introduction to Relevant Life Policies Who Could Benefit – Company Directors that currently pay for life insurance out of pre-taxed money could get their company to pay and therefore make a significant saving. […]

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Key Person Insurance

standard Key Person Insurance Protection Guide

My Complete Guide to Key Person Protection Insurance Does Your Business Have a Key Person Insurance Need? Methods of Calculating Key Person Cover Who is a Key Person? A key person is an individual whose skill, knowledge, experience or leadership […]

standard Maximum Sum Assured Tool

A common query that I get from clients is how much cover can they have through a relevant life policy. Most company directors take a small basic salary usually just below the basic rate tax threshold. The rest of their […]

standard Relevant Life Savings Calculator

I have created a simple slider calculator that you can use to work out exactly how much you can save with a relevant life policy. You can view detailed figures or just basic figures of what you could save. In […]

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life insurance in trust

standard Life Insurance in Trust Tool

Having life insurance set up in trust can be very important. Not only does it ensure the sum assured goes to the right person at the right time, but it also ensure that the sum assured is With skincare night […]

critical illness cover

standard Critical Illness Cover Guide

My Complete Guide to Critical Illness Cover Critical Illness Cover Introduction Do you need critical illness cover? Understandably clients do not want to pay for something they do not need and thus many ask me whether they need critical illness […]

income protection calculator

standard Income Protection Needs Calculator

Below you will find a simple income protection insurance needs calculator. Simply enter you outgoings and income details. The insurance needs calculator will highlight whether you have a need for income protection insurance and if so to what degree. Simply […]

Accident Sickness Insurance

standard Accident Sickness and Unemployment Insurance Guide

About ASU Cover There are a number of different forms of ASU insurance (accident, sickness and unemployment insurance) and in the current financial market, more and more people are seeking more information about this type of insurance in an effort […]

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interest only mortgages

standard Interest Only Mortgages

My Guide To Interest Only Mortgages Introduction to Interest Only Mortgages What Is An Interest Only Mortgage? When taking out an interest only mortgage, only the interest is repaid to the lender. The original capital is not included in the […]

new build mortgages

standard New Build Mortgages

My Guide To New Build Mortgages Buying a New Build Advantages and Disadvantages Many people aspire to buying a new build home and it does come with many advantages. However, like most things in life there are also some downsides […]

mortgage figures

standard Guide to Mortgage Interest Rates

My Guide To Mortgage Interest Rates Introduction To Mortgage Rates When it comes to selecting a mortgage many people develop tunnel vision and look only at the rate being offered. However, there are other important things to take into consideration. […]