Mortgage with Bad Credit Score

It is possible to get a mortgage even if you have poor credit, you will likely pay higher interest rates and need to make a bigger deposit. Some lenders specialize in providing mortgages for those with bad credit. These mortgages are also known as sub-prime mortgages, bad credit mortgages or adverse credit mortgages.

You should only apply for a mortgage if your monthly payments are affordable. You could lose your home if you are unable to pay them on time.

Here in this section, we will guide you to get a mortgage with different issues on your credit score.

Mortgage Declined in the UK: Your Comprehensive Guide to What’s Next

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There are several reasons why an applicant might be declined after submitting a mortgage application but it doesn’t mean you are totally out of hope and unable to be accepted but don’t rush out to reapply again until you have understood the reasons why you were declined and made improvements or perhaps you need find a lender that is more suitable for you as lenders criteria’s and requirements can vary lender to lender.

What is LTV mortgage? | Everything you need to know

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You may have heard of the term loan to value in mortgages or heard lenders quote loan to value figures in mortgage deals. It can be an important factor has it can have an effect on the cost of your mortgage and how much you can borrow. A lower loan to value ratio is optimal. It can be referred to ‘LTV’ in its short form.

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