The mortgage market has changed over recent years. In 2008 you could get a mortgage with no deposit and without providing income proof. Lenders have since been stung and tightened up their systems and lending policies. The changes have made it more important that ever to use a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers can help to access the most suitable mortgage product. This section covers mortgages on Joint Mortgage with Siblings, Remortgaging An Inherited Property, Mortgage in Probationary Period, Our Guide to Supply Teacher Mortgages, Mortgages for Dentists, Sole Trader Mortgage, Graduate Mortgages, Tier 2 Visa Mortgage and many more.

Single Skin Wall Property Mortgage

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Are you interested in buying a non-standard construction like a concrete build or a timber frame property? If yes, then this article is for [...]

Sole Trader Mortgage

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A sole trader is someone who runs their own business and are self-employed. They are able to keep all the post-tax profits from the business, but it means they are also legally responsible for all aspects of their business and personally liable for the finances of the business

Graduate Mortgages

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Many graduates may have the impression that it’s impossible to get a mortgage loan after graduating but it’s not necessarily the case. Even with a lack of credit history, student loans, overdrafts and little deposit, it is still possible to get a mortgage loan given the right situations.

Tier 2 Visa Mortgage

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If you are a foreign national living and working in the UK with a tier 2 visa, you may be wondering if you are able to take out a mortgage loan. You may be interested in buying a property in the UK as a long-term investment or depending on your work contract and personal situation you may wish to buy a property on a temporary basis until you move back to your home country instead of renting your accommodation.

Expat BTL Mortgage

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Property prices in the UK have steadily risen and many see this as a good investment opportunity considering rental income can help finance the purchase. You may wish to purchase a buy to let property as an investment, but you are an UK expat living abroad so you may be wondering if it’s possible to get a mortgage loan in the UK, even if you are paid in a foreign currency. The good news is it is possible, even if you are classed as self-employed.

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