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The mortgage market has changed over recent years. In 2008 you could get a mortgage with no deposit and without providing income proof. Lenders have since been stung and tightened up their systems and lending policies. The changes have made it more important that ever to use a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers can help to access the most suitable mortgage product. This section covers mortgages on Joint Mortgage with Siblings, Remortgaging An Inherited Property, Mortgage in Probationary Period, Our Guide to Supply Teacher Mortgages, Mortgages for Dentists, Sole Trader Mortgage, Graduate Mortgages, Tier 2 Visa Mortgage and many more.

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Our Guide to Supply Teacher Mortgages

By |2024-05-26T10:40:33+00:00May 26, 2024|Knowledge Mortgages, Mortgages, Mortgages for Different Occupations / Income Types|

Securing a supply teacher mortgage in the UK has become increasingly popular over the past decade. As specialist mortgage brokers, we receive numerous inquiries [...]

Guide to Interest-Only Mortgages: Is It Right For You?

By |2024-05-24T11:17:51+00:00May 24, 2024|Interest Only Mortgages, Investment BTL Mortgages, Knowledge Mortgages, Savings and Investments, Savings and Investments Knowledge|

There are currently two different ways to pay your mortgage payments – interest only or repayment. As the term implies, you are only paying the interest part of a mortgage loan and you don’t have to repay the amount you’ve borrowed until the end of your mortgage term,

The Ultimate Guide to Professional Mortgages for Solicitors

By |2024-05-23T06:55:31+00:00May 20, 2024|Mortgages for Different Occupations / Income Types, Occupations|

For solicitors, getting a mortgage differs from getting a mortgage for other professions. As a solicitor, you have a stable income and are [...]

Comprehensive Guide to Mortgages for Serviced Accommodation

By |2024-05-20T14:26:47+00:00May 18, 2024|Mortgages, Mortgages for Different Properties, Property Types|

In the ever-evolving world of real estate investment, Serviced Accommodation Mortgages have emerged as a game-changer. This unique financial product is designed specifically [...]

Specialized Mortgages for Professionals: Your Career, Your Home

By |2024-05-16T13:00:53+00:00May 15, 2024|Financial Advice, Income Types, Knowledge Mortgages, Mortgages, Mortgages for Different Occupations / Income Types, Occupations|

If you are a professional in the UK, you can now apply for a pro mortgage and buy the home of your dreams. [...]

Dependent Relative Mortgage Guide: Options, Affordability & FAQs

By |2024-05-15T12:13:58+00:00May 14, 2024|Mortgages, Non Standard Residency Mortgages|

Mortgage for Dependent Relative Each month, we assist numerous clients who are looking for a mortgage for a dependent relative. This need arises [...]

A Comprehensive Guide to BNO Visa Mortgage in the UK

By |2024-05-14T11:30:16+00:00May 13, 2024|Buy to Let Mortgages, Knowledge Mortgages, Mortgages, Non Standard Residency Mortgages|

Getting a BNO visa mortgage is a complicated task in the uk because of the various new rules and regulations. If you are [...]

Comprehensive Guide to Buying a House From a Housing Association

By |2024-05-09T07:43:06+00:00May 9, 2024|Mortgage Process, Mortgage Rates, Mortgages, Mortgages for Different Properties|

Individuals who rent council houses or are tenants of housing associations may qualify for the Right to Buy scheme. This scheme may facilitate [...]

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