Royal London | Relevant Life Policy

Royal London offers a comprehensive relevant life policy designed to provide significant coverage for employees. Below are the key details of the policy:

Feature Details
Minimum Cover Unlimited cover
Maximum Cover Up to 30 times annual total remuneration for clients aged under 40 years
Up to 25 times annual total remuneration for clients aged 40 to 49 years
Up to 20 times annual total remuneration for clients aged 50 to 59 years
Up to 15 times annual total remuneration for clients aged 60 years and over
Type of Cover The following types of cover are available:

  • Basis – single life
  • Premiums – guaranteed payments
  • Payouts – lump sum
  • Amount of cover – level, increasing or decreasing over the term of the plan
Minimum Term 1 year
Maximum Term 57 years
Minimum Age 18
Maximum Age 73
Premiums Guaranteed
Death In the First Year They won’t pay out if a claim is for death and is the result of intentional self-inflicted injury within 12 months of the date the cover started
Changing Your Policy Customers have the option to request changes to their plan with Royal London. It is possible to consider adding a new cover or adjusting an existing one. They are available to help at any time. We may need to request updated medical information from the individual in question.

We can discuss what needs to be addressed once you outline your desired changes to the plan. Adding a new cover or increasing an existing cover is not allowed if you or the person covered are no longer residents in the UK. Removing a cover may prevent you from adding it back on later if your circumstances have changed.

Continuation Cover Additional benefit
Additional Benefits This plan doesn’t entitle you to membership of The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited