Life Insurance

If you have had a history of Alcoholism, Alcohol Abuse or Alcohol Dependency, then you may need to provide additional information or a GP report. Any Alcoholism life insurance applications will be individually reviewed by insurance underwriters to provide an accurate assessment of the level risk for your circumstances. Insurance underwriters will look at:

  1. How long ago you were classed as alcohol dependent or when you last consumed any alcohol
  2. Did your Alcoholism result in you having any other health issues (e.g. Liver damage, diabetes, heart conditions etc.)
  3. What treatment or counselling you had and when
  4. Are you still classed as alcohol dependent

Most insurance underwriters will want to see a copy of your medical records for Alcoholism life insurance applications so that they can see the whole picture. This is not an exercise to check you’re telling the truth but is simply to make sure that they make an accurate decision which suits your needs.

 Critical Illness

Each application for Alcoholism critical illness cover will be assessed independently based on its own merits, just like life insurance applications. Most underwriters will require a copy of your GP report with Alcoholism declared for critical illness cover in order to evaluate your medical history and any associated concerns.

There will be added questions about the potential connection between alcoholism and mental health, including any possible mental health factors. Obtaining critical illness cover for alcoholism can pose challenges, particularly for individuals with a history of depression and ongoing alcohol consumption.

Exclusions for Alcoholism critical illness cover may include liver related conditions, heart problems, or diabetes. If you have previously applied for Alcoholism critical illness cover and received special terms or had your cover declined, it is recommended to consult with The Insurance Surgery’s experts.

Income Protection

Income protection may be available for individuals with a history of Alcoholism or Alcohol Abuse, depending on certain factors. When obtaining personal protection coverage, it is common for the insurance company to request access to your medical records. This is to help insurance underwriters get a comprehensive understanding of your health to mitigate any potential issues related to securing Alcoholism income protection coverage.

For individuals seeking income protection coverage with a history of Alcoholism, if the condition is considered past and no longer active, treatment, or medication required, standard rates without exclusions may be available from insurers. Insurance underwriters will need to be informed of any past mental health issues, as this could impact your coverage and may result in exclusions for mental health conditions.