Interest-only mortgage

If you are looking for interest only mortgages with low monthly payments, you are on the right page. Here in this guide, you will find all the articles related to interest only mortgages.

Interest-only mortgage is the type of mortgage that allows you to make monthly repayments that only cover the interest on the money that you have borrowed. These monthly payments won’t cover any original borrowing. In this category of mortgages, you have to pay the complete amount at the end of the mortgage term. In the UK, we have many types of interest-only mortgages such as Endowment Mortgage and RIO Mortgage (Retirement Interest Only)  

In this guide on interest only mortgages, you wil also find the articles such as What are interest-only mortgages?, What should I do if I have an endowment mortgage shortfall?, and Retirement interest-only mortgages explained.

RIO Mortgage (Retirement Interest Only)

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If you own your own home and have equity in the property, then a retirement interest only mortgage might be ideal for you if you are an older borrower.

What are Interest-Only Mortgages?

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There are currently two different ways to pay your mortgage payments – interest only or repayment. As the term implies, you are only paying the interest part of a mortgage loan and you don’t have to repay the amount you’ve borrowed until the end of your mortgage term,

What should I do if I have an endowment mortgage shortfall?

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If you have an endowment mortgage, it was likely arranged so that you could enjoy the benefits of an interest-only mortgage (lower monthly repayments). [...]

Retirement interest-only mortgages explained

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Interest-only mortgages have the attraction of relatively lower monthly repayment costs – you are only repaying the interest in those instalments and delay repayment [...]

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