Life Insurance

Individuals with Angina seeking Life insurance may need to provide medical evidence, such as a GP report, to support their application. The underwriter needs to review:

  1. Your age
  2. Age of diagnosis
  3. Frequency of symptoms
  4. Medication / Treatment
  5. BMI (height / weight)
  6. Related Conditions e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes

Premium loading may be applied to Angina life insurance based on the severity and control of the condition in most cases. In instances of severe Angina with acute symptoms, it may be necessary to seek out specialized life insurance providers.

Critical Illness

It may be challenging to acquire critical illness cover with Angina in specific cases, but it is still possible through specialized insurance providers. The Insurance Surgery will evaluate your medical condition and provide guidance on the availability of Angina critical illness cover for you, along with any potential policy limitations.

Always review policy wording and documentation before accepting cover to ensure it meets your needs.

Income protection

In almost all cases for Angina income protection, there will be a premium loading applied for the additional risk and / or an exclusion for anything relating to your Angina.