Life Insurance

Life insurance for people with Addison’s Disease will depend of a number of factors such as;

  1. Age diagnosed
  2. Medication / treatment
  3. Date of last attack
  4. Symptoms
  5. Family History
  6. Related symptoms or conditions

In most cases, there will be a requirement by insurance underwriters to view your GP report to assess the levels of risk. It is not unusual with medical conditions such as Addison’s disease for this to be a requirement for a life insurance policy.

If you have applied for Addison’s Disease life insurance in the past and cover has been declined, postponed or accepted with special terms (e.g. premiums loadings) then you should speak to one of our advisers.

Critical Illness

There is a high likelihood that Addison’s Disease critical illness cover will be approved and can often be at the insurer’s standard rates without any additional conditions. If Addison’s Disease has been properly managed and there have been no recent complications, you should be eligible for critical illness coverage at standard rates without any problems.

Insurance underwriters may request your GP report to evaluate the risk levels for Addison’s Disease critical illness cover applications. Having an insurance provider request your GP report is not concerning and should be seen positively. This ensures that there will be no complications when making a claim, as your GP will have provided a comprehensive medical history.

Policy exclusions for critical illness cover for Addison’s Disease may apply in certain cases, such as diabetes and thyroid issues, with additional disclosures required.

Income Protection

Income protection for Addison’s Disease may have stricter underwriting requirements because of the higher potential for claims on a policy. Insurance underwriters usually require a copy of your GP report to evaluate your application for income protection due to Addison’s Disease. If your Addison’s Disease is well managed and there are no other health issues, you may be eligible for income protection, but there may be a slight increase in premiums due to the added risk.

In some cases, individuals with a history of adrenal crisis or other medical disclosures related to Addison’s Disease may face higher premiums or even a denial of coverage in income protection applications.