Life Insurance

The following are the conditions for underwriting an application for Coeliac disease life insurance:

  1. How often your symptoms flare up
  2. When you were the first diagnosed with the condition
  3. Any medications you take to manage your symptoms
  4. Any other associated health complications

Some insurers readily accept applications for Coeliac disease life insurance. The outcome will be based on the seriousness of your symptoms and your adherence to a gluten-free diet for managing your condition. Having Coeliac disease should not affect your life expectancy, meaning you should be able to obtain insurance at a regular cost. However, in cases of more severe symptoms, a higher premium may be required. Certain insurance companies may require a waiting period before processing your application. This is particularly true if you were initially diagnosed. Individuals with Coeliac disease symptoms that have been manageable for over 9 months may qualify for standard life insurance premiums. Remember that insurance companies might ask for a medical report from your doctor to evaluate your health.

Critical Illness

Critical illness cover for Coeliac disease will be determined by how well you can control your condition and how much it affects your overall health, well-being, and daily life.

If you can manage your symptoms and stick to a gluten-free diet, you will likely qualify for coverage under standard terms.

Income Protection

When applying for income protection cover, the insurer will inquire about the amount of time you are unable to work due to your Coeliac disease. If your symptoms are under control, you may qualify for coverage at regular rates.

If the disease significantly affects your work, you might notice higher premiums or fewer insurance options available to you.

Insurers may need to review medical reports from your GP to assess the seriousness of your condition. Please contact us so we can connect you with insurers that suit your requirements.