Life Insurance

Individuals with arthritis can easily obtain arthritis life insurance. Individuals with mild arthritis or without serious complications from their condition may qualify for coverage at standard rates, which are the same as those for individuals without medical conditions. If you’ve had complications due to arthritis, your insurance premium may increase with an added loading. Additional factors that could impact your premium may include your BMI, smoking habits, or any existing medical conditions.

Critical Illness

Regrettably, arthritis critical illness cover is not as easily accessible as arthritis life insurance. The cost of your coverage may vary based on the extent of your condition, and you could potentially receive an exclusion for arthritis on your policy. There is a possibility that you may not qualify for arthritis critical illness cover if you are considered high risk by the providers, resulting in a declined application. Treatment for arthritis varies depending on the type of arthritis you have, your symptoms, and prescribed medication, with certain forms being more commonly acknowledged by healthcare providers.

Income Protection

Arthritis income protection shares similarities with arthritis critical illness cover in terms of its challenging eligibility requirements. Obtaining income protection for arthritis can be more challenging based on the severity of the condition. In addition, it is probable that insurance providers will incorporate an arthritis exclusion in your policy because your condition poses a high level of risk that they are not willing to cover. It’s possible for your application to be denied if you’re considered too high-risk by providers.