Dentists are considered as a good candidate for a mortgage as dental professionals have a high-level income, and skills are also in demand. But everything comes with a cost, so the problem starts when dental students plan to convince a bank to lend them money for their dream house. Many banks are also willing to take risks by lending money to a recent dental graduate because of his/her earning potential. It is an opportunity that will help a dental student to get a loan for a new property. The situation is similar across the globe. If you want to purchase by yourself or buy in as a partner, the right lender will be willing to take a long view of your career earnings and be interested in future lending. At Ltd, we can help you search for the right mortgage product as per your requirement, whether you are buying a new home, remortgaging, are looking for a buy-to-let investment. This article is all about mortgages for dentists but to learn about mortgages for doctors please click here.

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What are Mortgages for Dentists?

How much Can a Dentist Borrow?

What are the different types of Mortgages?

Which lenders should one approach for a dentist mortgage?

How can a Financial Broker Help?

What are Mortgages for Dentists?

Mortgages for Dentists are simple loans designed for dentists that fall under a “doctor mortgage loan” of the bank’s product and services. Most of the times, the lenders offer these doctor programs to dentists also.

How much a dentist mortgage loan could you borrow?

Getting the right amount is most important and must be planned before applying for any loan option. These specialist lenders will ask for the past income and current expenditure and evaluate the highest possible offer. As a dentist, you also need a good credit score, which is a major factor. It is always better to buy things on a contract which is another parameter that may be considered in borrowing. In summary, the borrowing can depend on the factors discussed below.

  1. Deposit Size: The minimum deposit size required is 10%. The more the amount, the less you need to borrow, and you will also get better deals from different lenders.
  2. Income: Physician Loans are directly proportional to the individual’s salary, including variable or passive income. The loan amount offered can be approximately four-five times the income.
  3. Employment Types: If a qualified dentist is employed to a business or practice, the process is simple. But in the case of self-employed or a limited company, it would take some additional steps in the process. For full time employed individuals, an employment contract is used as evidence of earnings.
  4. Credit History: Like all other financial situations, a good credit score requirement is important. Many lenders set their minimum credit score at 640 or higher.
  5. Age: Some lenders can limit the amount they will lend to retired or soon-to-be-retired professionals because of concerns about how they will afford to pay their mortgage with a limited retirement income.
  6. Property Type: Dentist home mortgages are available for almost all property types, but some will require specialist loans like listed property, construction located above a business, steel-framed or concrete sectional properties.
  7. Number of Dependents: The majority of lenders would take as in depth look at your affordability and earning potentials before lending. If someone has higher household costs, the person would have lower borrowing power when compared to a single person with similar earnings.

What are the different types of Mortgages?

The two popular types of dentist mortgages available are:

  • Capital Repayment: In this, an individual pays off both capital and interest with monthly payments. It is one of the most common mortgage product types and used widely. The benefit of the capital repayment scheme is that the property is debt-free at the end of the loan term.
  • Interest Only: This type is more complicated and hard to get as the applicant will only pay the interest with monthly costs, but here the person has to prove that he/she has a strategy to pay off the debt at the end period of time.

The first step for a dentist is to select the suitable type of bank product. It is preferred to get the fixed-rate for a first-time buyer, which will protect against increasing interest rates. Suppose you are confident with your future earning potential and then select the variable rate of schemes. At this point, “ Ltd” could help you to decide the best possible offers and deals.

Which lenders should one approach for a dentist mortgage?

The prime thing to note here is to avoid applying for numerous dentist mortgages in a small period. It can result in a negative impact on your Credit File. In addition, most of the providers of mortgages for dentists will look for your previous credit applications, which could consistently decline your application because it will create a misconception of urgency for finance. The best thing is to contact a known broker who can advice you on the right service for you.

How can a Financial Broker Help in mortgages for dentists?

Banks and other related lenders are interested in supporting their customers working in highly skilled professions like dentistry as such professionals have high earning potential.

  • A mortgage advisor can help to identify the most suitable lenders as per the customised requirement of an individual, including the type of property and projected earnings of the individual.
  • A broker can assist a person with the most appropriate advice required for the complete application process.
  • The right advisor could also help speed up the application approval process, ensuring that it will also match all the set criteria by the specified service provider.

Its always best to do your research while applying for any dentist loan, but it will always be better to hire a skilled advisor in the process because of the diverse market. At Ltd, United Kingdom, we will guide you with your process by ensuring your work portfolio and the property you are interested in and provides you with the best services.

Some of the key terms that dentist should know before starting the application are mentioned below.

FAQs – Mortgages for Dentists

  • What things to consider before taking out dentist loans?  

Its always better to consider your earning potential and the student loans that you have taken.

  • What banks offer doctors loans? 

Some of the major banks in the UK that offer medical professionals loans are Lloyd’s Bank, Metro Bank, HSBC,  Nationwide, Barclays Natwest, Santander etc.

  • How much can I borrow as Dentist?

   Factors that can affect the amount you can borrow are discussed in the article above.

  • How to Compare Loans for Dentists in 2021?

Contacting Brokers and comparing rates are some of the best practices for researching.