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Romany Youell

I am a fully qualified mortgage broker with the CEMAP qualification and I am also a fully qualified financial adviser with the DipFA qualification. I offer an up-to-date approach when advising on pensions, savings and investments and also tax planning.

We offer advice on pensions, savings and investments and tax planning in Lincoln and all surrounding areas.

All areas are covered but can include: Canwick, Washingborough, Heighington, Burto, North Hykeham, South Hykeham, Nettleham, Greetwell etc.


We offer advice on the following:

Pension and Retirement advice including

  • Starting a new pension
  • Taking your pension fund at retirement (flexible drawdown, capped drawdown, annuity, pension commencement lump sums and uncrystallised pension commencement lump sums)
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Savings and investments advice including:

  • Lump sum investments
  • Regular saving investments
  • Setting up an ISA or Junior ISA
  • Advice on investment strategies

Tax planning including:

  • Tax efficiency for savings and investments
  • Making use of tax allowances and relief
  • Saving tax when it comes to retirement
  • Sophisticated high risk, tax-free investments

The Advice Process

Initial Contact

The first step in the financial advice process is for us to have a brief initial chat over the phone. This is just a discussion to see who you are, what you are aiming to do and to get a general idea of where you are currently in achieving those aims. We discuss how the process works, what we will be doing and our charges.

I will then ask you to prepare for our first meeting in which I will conduct a fact find. For example, I may ask you to have your income and outgoings and details of existing plans prepared. The benefit of doing this is that it will save time and this will enable us to focus on what you’re looking to achieve

First Meeting

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I will then conduct a fact find which will allow me to gather information about your current circumstances and your future plans to ensure that the advice is suitable and tailored to your current financial situation. We can then establish your financial objectives and needs.


I will then go off and research the market to find suitable recommendations for you based on the information I have gathered.

Second Meeting

I will then present the recommendations that I have formulated based on your current financial situation, affordability, your risk profile and your financial objectives/needs that I have identified. This is where fees are confirmed and I can talk you through the illustrations and answer any questions you may have.

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Once all paperwork has been completed, we can then implement the recommendations for you. We will submit the relevant applications and be in control of the whole process on your behalf. We will keep you apprised of any progress and any issues that may arise.

advice process

Ongoing service

investment decisions and strategies

It is important that we have regular reviews (annually ideally) to ensure that recommendations still remain suitable for you, react to any changes in your circumstances and to check that you are still on track to achieving your long term objectives.

Financial advice reviews below for existing clients




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How We Work

1: We contact you and take down your details, income outgoings, name, address etc.

2: We will research the whole market and email you a detailed quote as well as a list of documents to proceed.

3: You upload the documents and information need via our channel our online portal.

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FAQs – Financial Advisor in Lincoln

Can I get a financial advisor in Lincoln?

Yes, you can get a financial advisor in Lincoln, United Kingdom. You can choose from a range of advisors depending on your needs and requirements.

What does a financial advisor in Lincoln cost?

There are many different types of financial advisors in Lincoln so the price varies greatly. However, most financial advisors in Lincoln charge between £150 and £300 per hour.

How much should I pay for a financial advisor in Lincoln?

This depends entirely on your individual circumstances. For example, if you have a bad credit score, you may need to higher get your application approved.  It’s best to speak with an independent financial advisor in Lincoln to determine if they are right for you. 

Do I need a financial advisor in Lincoln for my business or personal finances?

A financial advisor in Lincoln is not necessary for your personal finances but it could be useful when managing your business finances.


Where can find the best mortgage advice in Lincoln?

There are many mortgage brokers who are working in Lincoln but for the best mortgage advice, you have to contact a specialist broker. They will be able to give you more detailed information about mortgages and help you decide which one is right for you.