Life Insurance

Individual with Depression may encounter challenges in obtaining life insurance at a favorable cost. You may wish to talk to someone who understands your needs. This section explores the availability of life cover for individuals with Depression and outlines the process involved.

In order to get life insurance, we may ask you the following questions:

  1. What was your age at diagnosis?
  2. What condition have you been diagnosed with?
  3. Is there an event relating to diagnosis?
  4. When was your most recent attack / episode?
  5. Has there been any instances of self-harm?
  6. Has there been any suicide attempts or thoughts?
  7. What is your medical history?
  8. Are you currently receiving any medication / treatment / counselling to help with your condition?

The assessment of Life Insurance for Depression takes into account the severity of the condition, current treatment, medication, hospitalization, and history of suicidal attempts or thoughts. Insurance companies have different underwriting processes for Mental Health, so it’s crucial to apply to the most suitable company for your situation and provide all necessary information. In certain instances, obtaining life insurance for depression without any additional fees is feasible if the condition is properly managed and there have been no recent episodes.

Different insurance providers have varying policies when it comes to Mental Health and Life Insurance. Decisions can differ greatly. It is vital to find the most suitable provider for your situation.

Critical Illness / Income Protection

You could be eligible for other products like Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection, even if you have a history of Depression.

The treatment plan will be determined based on factors including condition severity, medication, and any issues like suicidal thoughts or attempts, alcohol abuse, or self-harm.