Life Insurance

Individuals diagnosed with Autoimmune Diseases like Autoimmune Hepatitis, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, or Arthritis should consult with a professional regarding their life insurance requirements.

The range and severity of Autoimmune Disease conditions vary widely, leading to significant differences in underwriting for Autoimmune Disease life insurance among various providers.

Individuals with well-controlled Autoimmune Disease may qualify for life insurance at standard rates without the need for extra underwriting or medical reports, as long as there are no other complications.

A significant number of Autoimmune Disease life insurance applications are underwritten based on the information provided on the application forms, often resulting in no extra premiums or only a minor increase.

Underwriters assessing applications for Autoimmune Disease life insurance will request additional information from you, such as:

  1. What type of Autoimmune Disease you have been diagnosed with
  2. When you were diagnosed with your Autoimmune Disorder
  3. Your latest readings or levels
  4. General health and any other medical issues

In certain situations, if the condition is particularly complicated or severe, you may be required to grant access to your medical records for underwriters to properly evaluate your application for Autoimmune Disease life insurance.

Critical Illness

The underwriting process for Autoimmune Disease critical illness cover can be more diverse compared to life insurance because of the complexity of critical illness cover claims and the wide range of Autoimmune Diseases. There have been notable enhancements in underwriting decisions for critical illness and Autoimmune Disease, with expectations for further progress in that area.

Some Autoimmune Diseases that were previously difficult to obtain critical illness cover for are now either available for coverage or even more favorable, such as Crohn’s Disease, for instance.

Options for Autoimmune Disease critical illness cover can range from standard rates with no exclusions to higher loadings with exclusions or possible denial. Specialist products are now available that provide critical illness cover for Autoimmune Disorders with guaranteed acceptance and exclude pre-existing conditions.

Income Protection

Coverage for an Autoimmune Disorder is available in certain situations if the condition is mild to moderate and under control. Most Autoimmune Disease income protection applications are typically more challenging to obtain cover for due to their severity and complications, making it not always feasible.

There are new insurers entering the market for Autoimmune Disorder income protection and other conditions, providing coverage where others may have denied it before. Typically, when Autoimmune Disorder income protection includes cover, there will be an additional premium and exclusions for related conditions.