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Are you a professional gambler? If the answer is yes, then this article has been written with you in mind. We’re not here to discuss gambling techniques to secure wins; as a true professional, you’re likely already familiar with those. Instead, our focus shifts towards a different kind of win – securing your first property using your gambling income. In this guide, we’ll navigate the complexities of obtaining a mortgage with gambling income, delve into how such income impacts your mortgage application, and outline the criteria set by lenders for applicants in unique financial situations like yours.

The worlds of gambling and mortgage applications are often seen as poles apart, with many lenders viewing gambling as a high-risk activity that could negatively influence your application, potentially leading to refusal. However, it’s not all doom and gloom; certain lenders may be more accommodating, offering mortgages to professional gamblers under specific conditions. This article aims to shed light on these possibilities, providing you with the knowledge needed to approach your mortgage application with confidence.

Gambling and Mortgage applications are two things that are different and not always mixed. Most lenders consider these activities as high risk that could impact your mortgage application which results in refusal. Apart from this, some lenders could give you a mortgage if you are a professional gambler.

Effects of Gambling on a Mortgage Application

Yes, gambling transactions in your bank statement could majorly impact a mortgage application. Some mortgage lenders even have strict eligibility criteria to access your application regarding your previous history of gambling, especially if you have a big amount of money coming or going out from betting or gambling activities.

We also got many queries from people asking about the effect of gambling transactions in their bank statements on their credit reports. Of course, these activities do not always affect your credit report, but there are other things to consider, too, which we have discussed later in this article.

It is also true that some lenders may overlook your history of gambling because of the risk appetite. The point to note here is that there is a scope of getting a mortgage even if gambling appears on your bank statement. There is also a possibility of getting a mortgage based on your gambling winnings and other related activities. The only difficulty is finding the right lender in which a specialised mortgage broker could help you.

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Effects of Gambling on a mortgage application

Mortgage as a Professional gambler

When won’t gambling affect your mortgage application?

When will gambling affect your mortgage application?

The impact of loan to value (LTV) on mortgages for gamblers

Evidencing income for a Gambling mortgage application

Type of battings that acceptable for mortgage

Impact of betting streaks on a mortgage application

Adverse Credit Ratings & Gambling Mortgage

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Additional FAQs – Gambling Mortgages

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Mortgage as a Professional gambler

As discussed earlier in this article, getting a mortgage on someone’s gambling income is possible. Still, there is also a risk because most lenders will consider this a bad investment that is not highly unpredictable. Because of this income volatility, it is better to consult for a piece of financial advice. However, people who have a successful track record of earning regular money with betting income are likely to attract mortgage lenders. Some of the lending criteria’s for acceptance of gambling income are as follows

  • Income Stability/habits/betting behaviour.
  • Type of gambling
  • Gambling and income ratio
  • Loan-to-value(LTV) ratio
  • Income evidence
  • Bad Credit History
  • Other income

In the further article, we will discuss the two scenarios, one in which gambling won’t affect your application and the second in which gambling affects your loan application.

When won’t gambling affect your mortgage application?

Gambling activities won’t affect your mortgage application if you are betting only a few pounds and spending the rest of your money on other regular activities. The underwriters want to assess your ability to service a loan comfortably; they don’t make any moral judgments on your spending habits. In conclusion, gambling won’t stop your mortgage application if you have done it properly.

When will gambling affect your mortgage application?

On the other hand, in some cases, gambling will affect your mortgage application. Mortgage lenders have a limited set amount of funds available, and they don’t want it to lose without getting the required interest. As lenders always tend to give the amount to the least risk representative. In most cases, people with regular employment contracts get the most of the share of the lender’s money as they represent the least risks.

With the new regulations, the way lenders assess the affordability of a loan has changed. You will need to submit your bank statements. If your bank statements show regular outgoings to gambling companies, it may make your application less appealing than other applications. It is also a myth that transferring your winnings back into your account would reassure prospective lenders.

The important and safest thing to note here is that never borrow money to finance your gambling activities as it would create issues like a bad credit history for individuals. Additionally, if you are using overdraft or credit limit while gambling activities, it will be a red flag for underwriters and affect your current and future mortgage applications.

Another drawback of regular involvement in gambling activities is that you will have a lower savings balance for a deposit which can negatively impact your application.

In cases, where gambling companies represent a significant portion of your expenses, the lender and mortgage underwriter may consider your profile expose to financial difficulties at some point of time in future.

The impact of loan to value (LTV) on mortgages for gamblers

As per all other mortgages, if you have a higher deposit or equity with a lower LTV, lenders may consider your application with low risks of financial difficulties.

Evidencing income for a Gambling mortgage application

If you are using your gambling income as evidence for a loan application, it may create a problem in representing the true display of your net income. For example, suppose a professional makes many bets a month with numerous transactions on different gambling websites in and out of the bank. In that case, the actual net income could be a nightmare to calculate. However, if someone is still looking for a mortgage on gambling income, they can produce a full set of accounts mentioning profit and losses on a year by month to month basis to get an edge in applying.

Type of battings that acceptable for mortgage

There are various types of gambling that are still acceptable for mortgage applications in the country.

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Horse racing
  • Matched betting
  • Dog racing

Impact of betting streaks on a mortgage application

The size of the bet that a person places can also have an impact on a mortgage approval. If the streak is larger, the bet would be riskier. Someone with bigger savings and a low amount for betting has a higher chance of mortgage approval than someone with lower savings and betting above 50% of that savings.

Adverse Credit Ratings & Gambling Mortgage

You have to face many challenges if you have a bad credit report and are also applying for a gambling mortgage. Most mainstream lenders won’t approve your application because of the poor credit report and gambling activity appearing in months’ bank statements.

There are not many chances of getting a gambling mortgage approved with an adverse credit report, but you can always contact a market broker before starting the application get rejected by the mortgage provider.

Speak to an expert:

Whether you are a professional gambler or someone with a history of recreational gambling and looking to use your income to get a mortgage and start on a property ladder, we are here to help you. At needingadvice.co.uk, ltd, we can match you with your prospective mortgage lender to get the best mortgage deal.

Additional FAQs – Gambling Mortgages

How does gambling impact my mortgage application?

Yes, gambling can impact your mortgage application, particularly if there are frequent or large gambling transactions visible on your bank statements. Lenders perform an affordability assessment, considering your monthly income and outgoings, to determine your financial stability.

Can gambling affect my credit score?

Indeed, gambling transactions can affect your credit score, especially if they lead to excessive use of credit facilities or overdraft limits. Maintaining a healthy credit history is crucial for mortgage approval.

Do gambling transactions affect bank statements reviewed by mortgage lenders?

Gambling transactions on bank statements can influence a lender’s decision, as they may view such activity as a risk to your financial stability. Lenders look for consistent income and a good debt-to-income ratio when assessing mortgage applications.

What’s the stance of mortgage lenders on professional gamblers applying for a loan?

Mortgage lenders may require professional gamblers to undergo a strict lender affordability assessment. They will scrutinize the type of gambling, frequency of transactions, and overall financial behaviour to make an informed lending decision.

Does the type of gambling activity matter to mortgage lenders?

Yes, the type of gambling can influence a lender’s perception of risk. Recreational gambling with occasional transactions may have little to no impact, whereas frequent gambling might raise concerns about financial commitment and stability.

How can I improve my chances of mortgage approval as a gambler?

Improving your chances involves demonstrating financial stability, such as having a regular credit bank balance, minimal direct debit returns due to insufficient funds, and a clear history of regular loan payments. Engaging with an exclusive mortgage expert for professional advice can also be beneficial.

Will having a gambling account affect my chances of getting a mortgage?

Having a gambling account per se won’t automatically affect your mortgage application, but the visibility of odd gambling transactions and the overall management of your finances, including regular bill payments and avoiding excess overdraft fees, will be considered.

What should I do if I have a bad credit score due to gambling?

If gambling has negatively impacted your credit score, seeking expert advice from a mortgage advisor can help. They can offer strategies to improve your credit and navigate the mortgage application process more effectively.

Are there mortgages for persons with a history of gambling?

Yes, there are mortgage options available, even for those with gambling transactions in their history. Lenders will consider the entire financial picture, including source of income, credit report, and affordability assessment, to make a decision.

What fees should I expect when seeking mortgage advice for gambling income?

When seeking mortgage advice, especially for complex cases like gambling income, you may encounter fees for mortgage advice. It’s important to discuss these with your mortgage advisor upfront to understand the cost of their professional services.

Can recreational gamblers get competitive mortgage rates?

Recreational gamblers with good financial management, a solid credit history, and a stable income can still access competitive mortgage rates. Lenders will assess each application on its merits, considering all aspects of the borrower’s financial situation.