Mortgages for non-UK citizens are possible and commonly granted, but different mortgage lenders have different rules and policies. In this article, we will discuss the overall process of getting a mortgage as a foreign national in the UK. One of the main point to note here is that as a non-UK citizen, you have to provide traceable credit history to the respective lender. As a foreign national, you may need to show a 20% to 25% higher deposit as compared to UK citizens. Before reading further, please also note that we are discussing the mortgages for Non-UK Citizens, not Non-UK Residents. There is a difference between both terms, and here we are talking about the people who have permanent residence or settlement in different countries other than the UK. Please visit our Guide for Expat mortgages for Non-UK residents.

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What are the requirements to get a mortgage in the UK if you’re an Overseas citizen?

If you are not from a European country, even after Brexit, its still difficult for you to get a mortgage on a UK property. Different lenders have different requirements for the mortgage application.  Here you can find the minimum one requirement that you need to have to start your mortgage application.

  • a valid UK Work permit
  • a valid UK Visa such as Tier 1, Tier 2 or Family Visa
  • permanent residency status in the UK 
  • permanent job in the UK 
  • a UK bank account

Living with a UK National:  You can get a joint mortgage if you are living with a UK citizen or national. In this case, you may get fewer mortgage deals and met certain lender criteria. Speaking to a specialist mortgage broker will help you streamline the complete process of joint application.

How much can I borrow on a mortgage as a non-UK citizen?

The amount that you can borrow as a foreign national depends on various factors discussed below:

  • Property type: Various property types have different criteria for mortgages in the UK, like commercial property or residential property.
  • Deposit amount: Its always better to put in a larger deposit to get a better mortgage rate.
  • Annual Income:  Most lenders will offer you between four to six times your annual income.
  • Income Stability:  It is also an important factor to have a stable income. Some lenders may also accept your mortgage application if you have a better overseas income. If you want to show your overseas income as getting a loan in the UK, you have to consult a mortgage adviser before starting the process.  
  • Number of years you have lived in the UK: Your current residency status is also important. If you have any doubts about it, you can consult a mortgage adviser.
  • Credit History:  Your credit score is also an important factor that needs to be considered.

It does not matter if you are a visa holder or not; lenders will always assess your financial history to calculate the amount you can get in a mortgage. Always stay updated with your current credit history and financial record.

Get the appropriate deal

You will find many mortgage lenders with different mortgage deals and rates. It is always best to contact a suitable mortgage advisor to get the best advice on your mortgage application. At Ltd, we are happy to advise on a mortgage application in the UK as a foreign national.



  • Can I get a foreign national mortgage in the UK?  Yes, you can get a mortgage as a Non-Eu citizen or a foreign national, but you need to fulfill additional criteria.

  • What are the requirements to get a mortgage in the UK if you’re a non-UK citizen? Many requirements are changed after Brexit for all. Best to contact a mortgage advisor before starting any application. 

  • Which of the UK banks offer expat mortgages? Many conditions have been changed for expat mortgages. Some banks still offer expat mortgages in the UK, but you need to contact a financial advisor for further information.

  • Can a Non-UK Resident or Citizen get a mortgage on the commercial property? Yes, you could get a home loan on a commercial property in the United Kingdom, but you would need to contact a specialised financial advisor.