Life Insurance

Underwriters will ask for the following information for those seeking life insurance with Fatty Liver Disease:

  1. Date of diagnosis
  2. What steps are you taking to change your lifestyle
  3. Have you developed cirrhosis of the liver
  4. Any other medical / health issues

When applying for life insurance, it’s important to disclose any history of fatty liver disease. The insurer may require a report from your GP to verify the cause and severity of the fatty liver.

Underwriters will assess whether your fatty liver is caused by alcohol consumption. Individuals diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease are more favorable to insurers when applying.

If the fatty liver is examined, has no scarring, and is well managed, it may be possible to obtain standard life insurance terms.

Consumers who currently consume alcohol may experience increased premiums on their life insurance policies. This may also occur if a biopsy has determined that a significant portion of the liver has been affected.

For individuals with a fatty liver caused by alcohol, certain insurers may raise premiums drastically or deny your application altogether. Nevertheless, every insurer differs and there are numerous specialist insurers available to assist you.

Critical Illness

The prevalence of Fatty Liver is increasing as more individuals maintain high BMI’s. Balancing healthy habits, family life, and work can be challenging due to time constraints.

Fatty liver can be associated with other medical issues that may result in more severe conditions such as cirrhosis of the liver.

Critical illness cover for individuals with fatty liver disease will be assessed similarly to life insurance.

There will probably be more attention paid to the cause of the fatty liver disease. This is due to certain causes of fatty liver disease that may increase your likelihood of requiring a critical illness claim.

Individuals with a fatty liver due to a high BMI may be eligible for critical illness cover at standard terms or a higher premium. The impact varies based on the severity of the BMI and liver involvement.

In cases where fatty liver has progressed to fibrosis or cirrhosis, the policy may be offered with non-standard terms. The options include either a premium increase or an exclusion for liver related illnesses.

In cases where your fatty liver is caused by diabetes or alcohol, it may be necessary to consult a critical illness insurer. Certain specialist providers may provide you with the policy, but it is likely that it will exclude a significant number of critical illnesses.

Income Protection

Income protection for those with fatty liver disease can be acquired. Much like life insurance and critical illness, the insurer will want to know the cause of the fatty liver.

If your BMI is lower than 40, there are often several options to look at and a possibility to be offered standard rates or at an increased premium.

In cases where fatty liver is due to diabetes or alcohol, insurance coverage may be limited with some companies. Feel free to reach out to us to confirm your personal situation.