Income Protection

If you have been diagnosed with Brittle Bone Disease and you need life insurance or any other personal protection cover to protect yourself, your family or your home then you will need to provide additional information about your health, such:

  1. Age when diagnosed with Brittle Bone Disease
  2. Type of Brittle Bone Disease
  3. Effect on daily living / activities
  4. How much time off work
  5. Any other medical conditions

Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions like Brittle Bone Disease seeking life insurance must supply detailed information about their condition so insurance underwriters can properly evaluate their applications. For Brittle Bone Disease life insurance cases, a complete medical report is usually necessary for the insurer to assess the condition thoroughly, as it can be intricate.

There are multiple insurance providers available for Brittle Bone Disease life insurance, with coverage being offered in varying degrees depending on the severity of the condition, ranging from moderate ratings to possible denials. Individuals with Brittle Bone Disease will likely face premium increases when applying for life insurance, as the condition is considered high-risk by insurers. The exact amount of the increase will vary based on personal factors.

Critical Illness

In most cases, critical illness cover for Brittle Bone Disease is not offered at this time due to the associated risks of other serious illnesses and the complexities of this type of insurance policy. In certain cases, insurers may offer critical illness cover for Brittle Bone Disease, so it’s always a good idea to inquire. We’ll make every effort to secure cover where it’s feasible.

The underwriting criteria and product variations are subject to frequent changes, which means there is a chance that things may have or could potentially change for your Brittle Bone Disease critical illness cover.

Income Protection

Income protection for Brittle Bone Disease is typically unavailable due to the increased risks associated with the condition, similar to critical illness cover. Underwriters will consider various related risks and occupational factors when assessing coverage for Brittle Bone Disease, which may affect the availability of insurance.