A lot has happened in the last few years. Once, workers were doing the daily commute, hopping into the car or standing, sardine-like on packed trains. But with the arrival of lockdown in March 2020, we were all suddenly set up in the corner of the kitchen or on the sofa bed in the spare room.

Now, our home office setups have become more permanent and hybrid working has become typical. From September 2022 to January 2023, over half of workers (56%) reported only travelling to work in the last seven days. Meanwhile, 44% reported home or hybrid working.

It seems that many of us are still splitting our time working at home and in our place of work. As such, it’s important that we are both comfortable and set up to be productive when WFH.

If you’re looking for ways to inspire creativity while working at home, here are some ideas to help.

Why is it important to create a working space?

By creating a dedicated working environment in your home, you can boost productivity and work efficiently. This helps you to get your job done effectively and it’s also beneficial for you in terms of your career. By not only working at home, but working well, you can show that you’re a dependable team member wherever you’re located.

Location, location

To make home working productive, start by choosing the best place in your home for your office setup. If you’ve been in the corner of your living room for the last few years, it might be worth relocating. This is especially worthwhile if you’re working from home on a more permanent basis.

You will need to consider how much space you have and where is practical. Some key considerations include finding an area of your home where you have space for your equipment, such as your computer and screens. Ideally, you need to be based somewhere where there are minimal distractions and plenty of light.

Looking good

Once you’ve found a good spot for your desk, think about what to include on the desk itself. Try to keep it clear of everything but the essentials. Clutter can be distracting.

Also, is there sun glaring on your screen? If so, you might need to turn your desk around so that you can see the screen comfortably.

Consider your wellbeing too. Are you sitting correctly? Is your screen in the correct position so that you’re not hunched over?

The right kit

Properly set up your equipment. To do this, make sure you have a fully working computer setup, and that your screens are in the best position. Having multiple screens can be ideal if you need to multitask. A wireless mouse and keyboard can also be hugely beneficial, especially if you’re dividing your time between the office and home.

When working from home, it’s also a good idea to use a VPN to change location. This protects your data while you are browsing for work purposes. It could also allow you to change your location to the company IP address to access work systems and files.

Final touches

While it’s important to be set up correctly and keep things clutter-free, that doesn’t mean you can’t make things personal. Use stationery that makes you happy, add a plant or two, and pop some photographs on your desk. After all, this is your space.