Are you considering putting your home on the market? While you may have initially designed the home to suit your own style, a recent study by interior experts Hammonds Furniture has revealed that the way you decorate your home can have a direct impact on both interests from prospective buyers and its value.

With a property’s interior style being a high priority for two in five UK house hunters, this is something that hopeful sellers cannot afford to ignore.

How interior design boosts sales

It is unsurprising that well-thought-out interior design helps to boost sales within the housing market. When viewing houses, the majority of buyers are looking for a home that they can see themselves living in. Therefore, a home that is nicely decorated and clean makes it far easier for people to envisage themselves there and as a result, they are willing to pay more for it.

This is particularly relevant to buyers who are not wanting to take on a large project and want somewhere they can move into with minimal effort.

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Less is more

Less is more does not just apply to fashion, it is something that should be applied to your interior design approach if you are looking to increase the value of your home. Hammonds’ study revealed that minimalism can encourage offers of around £3.6K over the asking price. People are drawn to homes free from clutter, with neutral colour palettes and clean lines. This is likely popular due to its presents across social media, as well as its ease to personalise to individual styles.

This is particularly prevalent amongst younger buyers, with 12% of Gen Z’s willing to offer up to £10K over the asking price for a home that is decorated in a minimalist style.

Design inspiration

If you are planning on selling your home but are not sure what style to opt for, there are a range of options you could choose from that will appeal to various audiences.


This is a style that you may already be familiar with. This style has been popular for a long time but more so in recent years. Despite its popularity, it can be difficult to know how to emulate this in your own home.

Start by taking a look for inspiration online on sites such as Pinterest. It is also important to stick to the basics of the Scandi style which includes minimalism, natural materials, neutral colours, and quality of items over quantity. With 33% of house hunters willing to offer over the asking price for a Scandinavian-designed home, it is definitely worth considering.


If you would prefer something slightly cosier, you could instead opt for a farmhouse style. While there are traditional and modern takes on this approach, the premises of it encompasses a rustic style, timeless fabrics, and vintage furniture.

Try incorporating colours such as dark green and deep blues as an accessible way to introduce this style to your home.

Design No-No’s

Just as certain interior styles will increase the value of your home, others can in fact be damaging to your chance of selling.


While it may be to your taste, 32% of people would offer below the asking price on a home that is designed with Bohemian and art deco style.

Going for statement patterns or bold colours can make it harder for people to match their own furniture to your interior choices and might appear too large of a project for them to take on.

Ultimately, while you are living in your home you need to put your own preferences first. But if you do choose to sell, even small interior tweaks can make a considerable difference.