When you’re thinking of selling your home, kerb appeal matters more than you might think.

Spending months on internal upgrades and renovations might turn out to be a labour of love if the external condition of your property could be improved. And with homeowners worrying about falling house prices, it’s important to maintain the aesthetic value of your home.

From your front lawn to the footpath that runs along the driveway, there are so many areas to focus on when it comes to making your home look more attractive. Some of them might be details that only a fresh pair of eyes would notice, so it’s important to find out just how you can maximise kerb appeal before you sell up.

How to boost your kerb appeal: Five simple steps

  1. Keep your garden clean and well-maintained

It’s essential to maximise any outdoor space – especially if it’s front-facing. Whether you have a spacious lawn or a compact decking area, keeping it clean and tidy could make your home significantly more appealing to a prospective buyer.

Depending on the size of your garden, you might need to get ready for a rather large task.

Firstly, you should give any pathing or pathways a thorough clean. Pressure washing is the most effective method for this, but an old-fashioned scrub should be effective too. Trim back any unwanted vegetation and weeds and add a splash of colour with tidy potted and bedding plants.

  1. Use decorative lighting

Lighting can also work wonders when it comes to shaping your garden. With ground lights, for example, you could define borders and walkways, which adds effortless style and order to any outdoor space – along with making your home more practical and accessible.

Away from the ground, decorative outdoor lights along the exterior walls add a warm, atmospheric glow to any home. Whether you choose solar festoon lights or a traditional style lantern, lighting can make transform first impressions of your home.

  1. Enhance the entrance

The front entrance can define first impressions of your house. If you live in a terraced townhouse with red brick walls, for example, you should try to decorate the door and surrounding porch area with unobtrusive, natural colours.

You might not be planning to paint the door, but did you know that homes with red front doors sell for higher-than-average prices? Colour has a significant effect on the way we think and respond to our environment, so it’s important not to make a distractingly bold statement. Aim instead for shades that complement the natural colours around your home.

  1. Aim for symmetry and balance

Some properties, especially Georgian ones, boast natural symmetry with a central front door and windows placed equally around it. If you’re lucky enough to live in a symmetrical space, why not enhance it with identical plants on either side of the door or a pair of hanging baskets?

Symmetry is naturally pleasing to the eye, so you’ll be sure to impress viewers and visitors when you go the extra mile to create a sense of harmony.

  1. Think about your neighbours

Lastly, while it’s important for your property to reflect uniqueness and character, you should try to pay homage to the street or neighbourhood, where possible. Not many buyers would be swayed by a one-off neon-pink house in the middle of a quaint street, so try to decorate respectfully and tastefully.


Kerb appeal shapes first impressions. If you’d like the outside of your property to reflect the time and effort you put into the interior, it’s time to give your garden and driveway a makeover. Make sure you consult a professional for any heavy lifting or landscaping jobs, though!