A Closer Look at Accord Product Transfer & Rate Switches

Understanding Your Current Agreement

Prior to considering a rate switch or a product transfer, it is of utmost importance to gain a comprehensive understanding of your existing agreement. Regular reviews of your mortgage statement will offer insight into your current mortgage balance and the existing pattern of your monthly mortgage repayments, providing a solid foundation to make an informed decision.

The Current Mortgage Market Landscape

Currently, the mortgage market is experiencing a substantial increase in the number of lenders offering the option for rate switches and product transfers, including established entities such as Coventry Building Society and the Yorkshire Building Society Group, of which Accord Mortgages is a part. Gaining knowledge about the awards and recognitions these societies have acquired for their service can guide your decision-making process.

Guidance Through a Mortgage Broker

Seeking the guidance of a mortgage broker, for instance, Damian Youell can simplify the transition to a new mortgage product or rate, aligning you with the most suitable financial products. Such brokers can help pinpoint the optimal mortgage deal for you, even accommodating specific circumstances such as a non-standard credit history or being a self-employed borrower.


Why Choose Accord

Accord stands out due to its extensive product range, meticulously crafted to cater to a wide spectrum of customers including first-time buyers and those looking into buy-to-let mortgages. Their offerings in product transfer mortgages are well-structured, providing options such as fixed-rate mortgage and tracker mortgage products.

Rate Deals and Product Fees

Undertaking a transfer with Accord could avail you to competitive rate deals, potentially saving you a substantial amount over the term of your mortgage. Furthermore, Accord maintains a competitive product fee structure, sometimes including non-refundable fees that are payable upfront, which can assist in reducing the overall cost of the transfer.

Credit Considerations

A crucial aspect to consider during a product transfer is your credit file. Accord adopts a more forgiving approach, avoiding the stringent credit check protocols commonly found in remortgage applications. This implies that your credit score, credit history, and other adverse credit elements are less likely to obstruct the process, facilitating a smooth product transfer or rate switch.

Monthly Payments and Mortgage Repayments

One significant advantage of opting for a product transfer or rate switch is the potential for reducing your monthly payment. By averting a transition to a higher variable rate mortgage, you can secure a deal that is financially favourable, thereby maintaining a manageable monthly mortgage payment pattern.

Preparation and Completion of Transfer

Initiating a product transfer necessitates a detailed preparation phase, where customers should undergo an affordability check to meet the lender’s criteria. Once this is accomplished, the transfer process is designed to be streamlined, ensuring a swift and hassle-free transition that takes into account individual mortgage requirements, including considerations for maximum mortgage term and maximum loan amount.


Accord Mortgages, a significant part of the Yorkshire Building Society, emerges as a reliable mortgage provider, offering a straightforward process for product transfers and rate switches, positioning itself as a preferred choice for numerous mortgage customers across the UK. Utilise the facilities offered by Accord to find a mortgage deal that caters to your specific needs, aiding financial stability during unpredictable times.

It is recommended to seek financial advice from established mortgage technical experts to make a well-informed choice that aligns with your mortgage goals and financial well-being. It remains essential to monitor your current rate actively and maintain open communication with your mortgage lender to navigate your mortgage journey successfully.