Getting a vehicle nowadays is strenuous. There’s so many factors to consider, so many options to choose from, especially with a tight budget because the economy is not on our side right now.

That is why we pore over a decision as straightforward as what 7-seater to get for days. But not to worry. I’ve compiled a list of tips that are sure to guide your decision. 

Tips to Choosing a 7-seater MPV

Check out the seating configuration 

There’s a variety of seating configurations to choose from with 7-seaters. The traditional 2-3-2 layout is popular for a reason. Its ease of access, efficient space utilization, flexibility, and practicality has made it popular amongst consumers. 

The 2-2-3 configuration is the other choice you’ve got. 2 chairs in the middle row, and 3 behind. There’s an aisle created in the middle row for greeter comfort, space, and easier access to the 3rd row, which can come in handy if you have kids or elders. 

Assess Your Family Needs:

Different families have different needs. A new family with young kids has different needs compared to one with all teenagers. And you have to put that into consideration when choosing your 7-seater MPV. 

For example, the Perodua New Alza is an excellent choice for families with young kids as it offers ISOFIX points for child seats and sliding doors for easy access. If you’ve got elderly family members living with you, MPVs with low step-in heights and grab handles should be your go-to so they can enter and exit without too much hassle.

If you’re going to be hauling gear for school, sports activities, and family vacations, make sure your pick can accommodate all that cargo.

Make Sure There’s Safety Features Installed

You can never be too safe, and you can’t afford to not be safe at all. Whatever MPV you decide to get must have some safety features installed. Advanced systems such as autonomous emergency braking can detect potential and apply brakes for you if you’re slow to react, adaptive cruise control will help you maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, and multiple airbags to protect passengers in case of a collision.

But that’s not all. There’s also features like cross traffic alert and a 360-degree camera, which can improve your safety when reversing or parking. 

And make sure the MPV has a high Euro NCAP or NHTSA safety rating, that’s really important for your safety.

Check For User-friendly Features

Smart entry systems that allow you to unlock and start the vehicle without removing the key from your pocket, power sliding doors for simple entry and exit in tight spaces, one touch fold and tumble to fold the seat to create an aisle, and hands-free tailgate to open the trunk with just your foot are all features that would make your experience all the more enjoyable by enhancing your convenience (as well as your passengers’) and overall driving experience.

Passenger Comfort

The quality of materials used in the seats and interior trim can make or break the comfort of the chairs. High quality upholstery will make a significant difference during long journeys. 

Things like sufficient power outlets and USB ports to keep everyone’s devices charged during trips will also contribute to the general comfortability of the vehicle. 

Compare the Fuel Efficiency

Whether you’re on a budget or not, spending more money on fuel is not something anyone desires. That’s why this is so important when deciding which 7-seater MPV to buy because a fuel-efficient vehicle will save you money in the long run. 

Consider hybrid or plug-in hybrid models as they offer higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions. You may even find an all-electric variant. 

Copping the Perodua New Alza’s efficient engine will help you reduce fuel costs, burning an estimated 6.2L/100km, which makes it an excellent choice for budget-conscious families.

Check out Cargo Space if You Haul Items Frequently 

If you’ll be transporting cargo frequently, then you want to consider this when picking your MPV. Check how much space you’d have with all seats in place, as well as when the seats are folded to make sure it’d be enough to meet your needs for everyday use and occasional hauls. Also check how easy it is to access the cargo area.

Spend Within Your Budget

Up till now, I’ve assumed you were on a budget, because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be weighing options. You’d have just got the best, most expensive 7-seater there is. Sure it’d come with everything you want. (I know I would). 

But if you really are on a budget, then you’ll have to factor in the costs when making a list of options that match some or all of your needs. You’ll have to consider the initial purchase price, financing options available, and potential discounts or incentives you can snatch. Also look into insurance costs for each model you’re weighing. 

Don’t forget the vehicle’s maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

Test Drive and Compare

The final tip I can give you is to  test drive at the dealership and compare the feel of each vehicle. Spend enough time behind the wheel during these test drives and try to replicate your typical driving conditions, such as traffic, highways and parking. That way, you’d get an idea how well the vehicle can handle such scenarios. 

Also test its maneuverability and visibility especially if you live in urban environments. 

So if you’re hoping to buy MPV 7 seater, the Perodua New Alza model, with its versatile seating arrangement, smart technology, safety features, stylish design, and user-friendly features. An ideal choice for anyone seeking a reliable and practical vehicle.