More and more companies are making the necessary changes to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. In recent years, it’s become alarmingly clear how devastating the effects of climate change can be. We all have to do our part to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

This is more than enough incentive for some businesses to make these changes. Others do it for other benefits, such as potentially reduced operating costs. Being a visibly sustainable company can increase traffic and business.

As more conscious consumers, people seek businesses that aren’t harming the planet. Being eco-friendly can boost the public image and open up new business avenues. There are also lots of incentives from the government for businesses to go down the sustainable route. For example, there are grants and loans available to help businesses get started; read more about increasing efficiency and sustainability.

Green Energy

One of the biggest sustainability trends is making the move to green energy. Most of our energy is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment. Relying more and more on renewable energy sources is a way to get what we want without depleting our resources or harming the planet.

This is worth exploring, especially if your business consumes a lot of energy. You may find that green energy providers offer much better rates for their services. You can also make sure that your company is significantly reducing its carbon footprint during operation.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

This simple refrain has been around for well over a decade, and it’s still the most effective way to conserve the environment. You need to look at your company as a whole and find the areas where you can implement these practices.


Reducing the amount of energy consumed will also reduce the amount of fossil fuels used. It’s easy to cut down on the amount of gas, electricity and water that your business uses with simple changes. For example, using LEDs and motion sensors can help you cut down on energy used for lighting.

That done, it’s also important to reduce the amount of waste that your business creates. Most of our waste ends up in landfills and in oceans, taking decades to degrade. Ideally, the best way to tackle this problem would be to find ways to create less waste.

Revisit the production process and see where changes can possibly be made. You can also reduce the amount of waste created by the packaging of your products. Look into eco-friendly and biodegradable packing materials.

Reducing the amount of paper that’s used is another great way to make your business sustainable. The best way to do this is to go completely digital; this removes the need for paper entirely.


There are lots of ways in the office and in production that you can reuse things. Of course, it’ll all depend on your specific sector, but with paper, for example, a sheet of paper can often be reused.

Another area where you can look at reusing resources is with your equipment and appliances. For example, instead of buying new computers or laptops, it’s worth looking into refurbished models. Furniture can also be bought second hand or thrift; the key is to be creative when sourcing the things you need.