standard Relevant Life Savings Calculator

I have created a simple slider calculator that you can use to work out exactly how much you can save with a relevant life policy. You can view detailed figures or just basic figures of what you could save. In addition the relevant life savings calculator shows savings for the 3 different tax bracket.

Enter the premiums below:

As you can see from the tool above the savings are significant. Typically for a basic rate tax payer the saving will be 36% or more and for a higher rate tax payer the savings will be 49% or more. If you would like to save how much you could save then feel free to contact me for a short chat or fill in the quotation form.


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Business protection expert helping business owners of all sizes protect their families and businesses from the effects of death and illness. Advising clients on shareholder protection, key person cover and relevant life policies. Also offering personal clients excellent advice on Mortgages and Protection solutions. From first time buyers to remortgages. All types of clients considered.

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