Britain has faced increased instances of theft and burglary in recent years, with the prospect of break-ins growing over the coming months due to the growing cost-of-living crisis. This is despite the fact that we’ve never had more access to technology designed to secure our homes. Are we really doing enough to protect our belongings?

The available data is certainly a cause for concern. For the year ending March 2023, the Office for National Statistics has reported that theft offences grew 15% in England and Wales, while burglaries climbed 4% over the year prior. 

In total, 1,724,361 theft offences and 275,919 burglaries were reported over this time period. 

These worrying statistics suggest that criminals are still emboldened to act without fearing the consequences of their actions. This is despite the widespread availability of technology that can help to identify criminal behaviour and cloud-based security measures that can act as a deterrent to burglars. 

With The National Crime Agency warning that the ongoing cost-of-living crisis will lead to more instances of ‘high harm’ crimes like burglary, car thefts, and robbery, it’s apparent that Britons will need to adapt their approach to preventing theft and burglaries. 

While instances of criminal behaviour are on the rise, the technology that can help to stop burglaries and theft is also evolving at a rapid pace. So how can investing in low-cost technology help Britain to manage its rising crime problems? Let’s take a look at how theft and burglaries can be prevented by embracing new technologies. 

Smart Video Surveillance as a Deterrent

Worryingly, figures have shown that almost 96,000 burglaries went unsolved in England and Wales throughout the first three quarters of 2022. With only 1-in-25 crimes leading to charges, it’s clear that residents need more help in stopping burglars. 

One of the best and most affordable ways that technology can counter this problem is through smart video surveillance systems. 

Today, video doorbells can offer high-quality playback, cloud integration, wireless usage, and the ability to record from the moment that movement is detected. 

The reason that video doorbells are a great deterrent for criminals is because they can help to identify thieves and burglars and bring them to justice. 

In addition to this, leading video doorbells are trained to generate intelligent alerts by differentiating between objects in their field of view. This means that you won’t be sent a smartphone notification every time the neighbour’s cat wanders onto your lawn. 

Not all burglaries take place at your front door, but thankfully smart surveillance has led to the rise of home security cameras that can detect intruders in crisp HD. 

With a strong market for both indoor and outdoor cameras, these devices can use AI to identify objects that come into view and can be strategically placed in your blind spots to ensure that no prospective burglar gets an easy ride. 

Crucially, these security cameras can provide quality two-way audio and compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. Many models are even equipped with a siren to scare off intruders. 

Because they’re highly portable and can be installed in just about any location, your surveillance systems can be placed in clear view of the vehicles on your drive, potential access points for criminals, or any rooms that store high-value possessions. 

Ramp Up Your Lock Security

You don’t have to rely on video surveillance when it comes to smart technology to keep your home safe. 

Smart locks can help users keep their front door more secure with the use of integrated apps, key tags, keypads, and even fingerprint scanners in some cases. 

These locks can lock and unlock when receiving instructions from an authorized device or by using a keypad without the need for a physical key. 

The great thing about smart locks is that they can record precisely who enters and leaves your property, and can alert you quickly if the technology within determines that a break-in attempt is underway. 

While reputable security firms like Yale have built a comprehensive range of smart locks, it’s possible to combine alternative brands with your own traditional locks. By adding a strong brass or steel deadbolt to your smart lock, you can keep your home safe with a blend of technology and good old-fashioned robust materials. 

For the best level of security, hire a trusted locksmith to add a deadbolt to your door. Locksmith prices in the UK can be competitive, so finding a reputable firm to do the job shouldn’t break the bank. 

Lose Bad Habits That Could Make Your Home a Sitting Duck

Technology can be a great tool to prevent theft and burglaries within your home, but it can only do so much if you’ve taken on bad habits that could make the life of criminals easier. 

Firstly, you should always look to keep your home well-lit when you’re out overnight or are going on holiday. 

It can also be a bad idea to share posts on social media that share that you’re on holiday and how long you’re away for. If you’ve just arrived in the Caribbean for a two-week holiday, don’t tell Instagram that it’s your first day on a fortnight’s trip away and provide criminals with a specific time window to target your home. 

With instances of theft and burglary increasing throughout England and Wales, it’s clear that residents need to use new technologies to help keep their homes safe from harm. Taking a more measured approach in shoring up your home’s security and dropping any bad habits that could make your property a sitting duck to burglars is a great start. 

The likelihood is that the presence of a video doorbell or security camera will act as an immediate deterrent. This can help you to relax knowing that you’ve taken affirmative measures to stop your home from becoming another unwanted statistic.