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The Insurance Industry has been witnessing some major changes over the past few years with the advent of technology and globalization. In this cluster of articles, we have discussed the various types of insurance protection guides that could help an individual enhance business protection knowledge. Financial Protection is an important aspect of everyone’s life, even if you are a sole trader, key employee, shareholder, business owner, etc. In these insurance protection blogs, we have discussed different insurance policies useful to day-to-day life for financial protection. The guide includes blog posts on executive income protection insurance, business loan protection insurancekey person insuranceshareholder protection insurancerelevant life insurance policy, and many more. We hope that our readers will benefit from reading all these articles and learn something new every time they read one of them. 

What is Key Person Insurance? and Why you need it!

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A comprehensive look at Key Person Insurance [columns] [one-half] Many clients that I advise on business protection confuse key person insurance and shareholder protection. [...]

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